Poetry is the “short version” – a snapshot of an emotion, a scene, a moment… My goal in publishing these poems is to help people have a starting point to express some of the things that are hard to put into words. Even expressing “the short version” can be difficult for those still trying to grapple with the strength of the emotions and the reality of their experiences. But communication takes words. We must find a place to begin.

Perhaps this can help churches acknowledge the experience of those victimized by clergy sexual abuse, or men, women and children experiencing domestic violence, or those trying to get their lives back after a rape or incest. Perhaps a parent will be better able to understand what their child is going through after having reported their abuse, or see the signs someone is currently abusing them. Perhaps by sharing this, someone else can be empowered to move forward, to find faith again, and to know they are not alone.

Perhaps someone will be helped to identify the feelings and the decisions they or those they serve have made based on those feelings, and help them find the path back to basing their lives on the truth, on their value to God, on their right to life, safety and dignity. Don’t let the abusers win!


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