This collection of 35 poems is a child’s perception of what it was like to grow up in an abusive home and world. Her memories, like toxic waste, were buried for many years, but the effects still leaked out to contaminate the rest of her life.

As part of her healing journey, she chose to write about the memories as they surfaced. Her hope is that the reader will be helped to understand the impact of child abuse on the child who experiences it, and that this understanding will enable someone who needs help (victim or perpetrator) to find the courage it takes to get the help they need.

copyright 1991
by “The Child” (Rachel Lynn)

(***Unfortunately, not thinking how blogs post things in the order they’re put in, to get the whole story, you have to go down to the first posts and read it backwards-awkward, and I’ll probably move it to a real web page someday)



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