Some people may wonder, how as a Christian, I can say some of the things I’ve said, or how as a survivor of these events, I can still call myself a Christian. The answer, for me, has come down to the belief that God didn’t do this–people did. Bad things happen to innocent people all the time. The world is not a just or a fair place. There is evil, as well as good, in the heart and capabilities of humanity. All too often, people choose evil and self-serving activities that hurt those around them.

This fact does not alter my belief that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, came to show us a different way. He gave His life to buy back our lives, because He loves us. We have value to Him, no matter what anyone else has said about us! He died and rose again to give us live, and I receive that gift, and put my life in His hands. My prayer is that you will do the same.

There are questions we will never have the answer to, but He is God and we’re not, and this is one of those things best left in His hands.

God bless you, and give you strength for the journey, wherever it leads.


One Response to “What now?”

  1. Dear Child,

    Your poetry is powerful. Thanks for writing it. I’m so sorry you were hurt–and still hurt. I’m one of those on Danni Moss’s “team” or “army” as she put it. I wrote a novel, “Behind the Hedge” that shows mostly non-physical abuse. I am considering including incest in the sequel. (I did have molestation in the original, but took it out for lack of space.) My website has a link to my blog if you are interested, although I’m not writing on it all that much these days.

    I’m glad to have “met” you. Welcome to our team!
    Your sister in Christ and the battle for right,
    Waneta Dawn

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