12-Snakes (*trigger post*)

January 19, 2009

Slithering through the grass
Moving really fast….
He holds the big one high.
(The little girls starts to cry).

Please, no! Not again!
I promise I won’t tell.
I must be really awful
To already live in hell).

Not inside!
Nowhere to hide.
It’s long forked tongue-
(God! I’m so young!)

I try to scream
But he is mean.
(Why am I bad?)
He looks so glad…

I will not tell.
(This must be hell).
His thick, hard snake–
(It makes me shake).
But the skinny one
With the pointed tongue–
Nowhere to hide
As he shoves it inside.

I cannot scream–
(Too afraid. No words to say).
Through the grass,
Moving really fast.
(I must be bad).
This cannot last.
Nowhere to run.
Soon he is done.

A vow is made to never say
The things that were done there that day.

Inside I run, never to be free.
Never again to walk through the grass
Without the fear that is always so near.
Never, never again.

They laugh, I cry!
(God, tell me why!
What did I do
To be left by you?)

I want to die.
I cannot cry.
So I pretend to live again.
But inside, still I know.
Inside, I will always know!


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