11-Forever Alone

January 19, 2009

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
No one to notice hot tears she’s cried.

In darkness deep, the young girl weeps
Her soul so torn she cannot mourn.

She dare not feel–(this can’t be real!)
No words to convey what’s inside her today.

A broken heart torn apart….
No place to find the missing parts.

Not easy to mend….can she live again?
Where are the pieces? Where did she go?

Shattered! Splattered! She never mattered.
Just hide the pain-learn to pretend.

A shell in hell, forever alone.
Nowhere to call home.
Even inside her skin she’s on her own.

The fracture? Almost complete. Defeat…but not quite.
She lives. There is hope.
As long as she lives, there is hope.


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