23-Thanks, Teach!

January 19, 2009

Gut ache, heart break.
Time to run the track.

Dress down. Calm down.
(Afraid I’ll puke in back).

Don’t stop. Can’t talk.
Teacher’ll throw a fit.

She doesn’t know. It doesn’t show.
(But my body can’t forget).

Try hard. Stay on guard.
Nobody understands.

Past the place of my disgrace
We trudge at her command.

I’m not the same. So much has changed!
I vomit from the fear.

But teacher yells….I shout, “Go to hell!”
(I’m doing the best I can!)

By the place where I was raped
I vomit again and again.

But teacher screams–(Is this part of the dream?)
Nope. I flunked her class again.


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