20-Empty Eyes

January 19, 2009

Empty eyes (my disguise).
It looks like I don’t care.

That’s about right-
Lost the will to fight
May be present, but I’m not there.

Mamma’s screams,
The haunted dreams.
I hide behind my hair.

Don’t want to see
What’s been done to me.
(I withdraw in silent despair).

With angry disgust
I’m hit and cussed.
Guess Mamma’s at it again.

Slapped in the face–
(She can’t see my disgrace).
In her rage, she can’t see at all
The hurt in my, why I try to flee.

She doesn’t want to look at the sight
Of the hollow-eyed girl
With the long reddish curls
Who no longer makes her look all right.

My hair got all snipped
‘Cause Mamma got flipped.
My heart got a brand new scar.
But with empty eyes
I accepted the lies
That that’s just the way things are.


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