19-Soaking Wet

January 19, 2009

Monday morning phonics class–
A crowded third grade room.
Once again, in silence
I’m about to meet my doom.

Teacher’s at the blackboard.
I’m seated at my desk.
Wet my pants
(Third time this year….)
And made a soggy stinking mess.

Others would have left by then
Without teacher’s OK
But I was taught (no matter what!)
You always must obey!

So I sat in steamy wetness,
Kids giggling all around.
Then Teacher dismissed me
With a sad, wise frown.

I’d changed so much
From how I’d been
When I’d skipped a grade,
Was confident,
And quickly made new friends.

My abusers took my boldness
And left a hollow shell
Of a heavy-hearted little girl
Not doing very well.


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