15-Green & Black Skin (*trigger post*)

January 19, 2009

Writhing reptiles
With cold, slimy skin
Wrap ’round her ankles
Then crawl up her shins.

They are squirmy…
With green and black skin.
(The shy little girl
Is being tortured again).

Over the toes
Then up the calves…
They move so slowly
(But her heart beats so fast!)

Past the navel,
Over the chest
(Was that the part
The boys liked best?)

Over the gut
Back down the legs.
They won’t take them away
Even when she begs.

The boys had collected them-
Kept them alive.
It was quite a collection
(At least 25).

She lay there unmoving
More dead than alive.
What she’d learned before
Somehow helped her survive.

A door inside closed
As she walked away
And she never again sat
In the grass to play.


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