6-Almost Two

January 15, 2009

Wobbling down the narrow hall
Looking like he’d surely fall.
Bottle tightly in his hand–
So proud he can now walk and stand….

Little man, his daddy’s son,
Unaware of what will come.
Will his Daddy hurt him too
(Or is that just what Dad’s and daughters do?)

Blanket in his chubby fist
Thinking all life will be like this-
People run to meet his needs,
Himself, his wants all he can see.

But ’round the corner of his life
Like a freight train charging through the night
Will come the pain he can’t understand
From what right now are still loving hands.

Mommy’s temper, Daddy’s screams–
The things that lead to awful dreams
Are still a long ways down the hall.
He’s almost two-he’s still got it all.

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