3-From the Child

January 14, 2009

Massive body blocking the light–
No screams of terror cut the night.
Hard to breathe–I cannot see.
Please don’t let this be happening to me!

I’m just a child, now a child no more–
Pain and fear have closed that door.
What I was, now dead and gone.
Part of me, desperate, chooses to run.

From up above, I watch the scene
Not comprehending what it means
But praying it’s not really part of me
Gasping for breath trying to get free.

So long ago, but I finally see
What that night of torment did to me.
For someone’s sin, I paid the price–
Tried so hard to be “good” and “nice.”

But the pain! The damned unending pain
Of betrayal, of innocence down the drain,
Of losing trust in all that is
Because some pervert made me his!!

God, when will it go away?
When will the child claim back the day–
The right to live and breathe in peace?
Where is the healing and divine release–
The grace to know and still forgive
From the heart that was broken
When he made me his?

I surrender, God, not to what he did,
But to the need to choose each day to live.
I surrender to the need to grow
And face the things You choose to show.
I surrender to the loving care
Of the God who didn’t leave me there,
Who calls me, one day at a time
To walk with Him and face what I find,
Knowing, as He did before,
That He can lead me through each door
And give me the tools I need to live–
To choose to grow and the grace to forgive.

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